Visiting Camp: You may visit Camp any day except June 25, July 20, August 9 or August 10, 2018 (special days at camp).  Please don’t come to visit during lunch (12 noon – 1 pm).  Visitors must come to the Camp Office to sign in and get an visitor’s badge.  They must know the security password for the child they are visiting.

Signing Out Campers:  No one may ever take a camper out of camp without signing that child out at the Camp Office.  Any adult picking up a camper must know the security password that was given to us at the time of the child’s registration.  Password changes can only be made in writing.  The latest a camper can be picked up before dismissal is 3:45 pm.  After that, you must wait until 4:30 pm, when our buses have left camp.  Parents may not enter camp grounds between 3:45 and 4:30 pm.

Medical Forms: The New Jersey State Youth Camp Safety Act and the American Camp Association require every camper to have a medical form signed by a physician.  Medical forms are due to camp by June 1.  Your child does not need a doctor’s exam just for this purpose.  The doctor can fill out our form based on any physical any time after June 1, 2018.  A parent/guardian must authorize Camp Riverbend to treat your child if he or she is sick or injured at Camp.

Tipping:  Tipping counselors is permitted but not required.  Some families give their children’s group and bus counselors letters to thank them for their work over the summer.

Camper Absences:  There are no refunds or credits if a camper misses time from Camp due to illness, injury or any other reason.  Missed days may not be "made up."

Birthdays during Camp: Since many campers have all types of food allergies, we do not allow any food from home to be given to other campers.  For birthdays we suggest you send in simple, non-edible, party favors for the group.

Group Lists: Group lists are sent to the parents of children in each group, via email, in the first week or two of camp. We include a family's phone number, usually the cell phone of one parent.  If you don't want your phone number given out, you must notify us before camp starts. 

Deposits and Refunds:  A $500 initial tuition payment is required for each camper at the time of registration ($20 per enrolled day for Three-Quarter Day campers).  A second tuition payment of $1000 is due on March 1 ($40 per enrolled day for Three-Quarter Day campers).  Final tuition balance is due on May 1.  At the time of registration, $200 becomes non-refundable ($10 per enrolled day for Three-Quarter Day campers).  After March 1, all tuition payments are non-refundable. After May 1, we cannot guarantee that weeks are available for switching or adding.  Days missed due to injury, illness or any other reason may not be "made up" and will not result in a credit or refund.   We will gladly arrange a personalized payment plan with you if you are paying by credit card; all payments need to be made by the first day of the month the camper attends camp.