At Camp Riverbend our campers enjoy a complete sports program that emphasizes learning new skills, sportsmanship and team cooperation. Specialists or coaches oversee and instruct most sports activities in camp. Campers take part in games and sports activities that are age-appropriate and help build a sense of accomplishment. Our sports program helps campers discover new abilities and gain a sense of achievement and success in whatever they try.

Campers entering 2nd grade and up learn the ancient skill of archery from our experienced instructor. Our archery program emphasizes safety, focus, achievement and fun. Bulls eye!

Take us out to the ballgame!! We have a regulation sized Little League field where campers learn the fundamentals and fine points of Baseball and Softball. An experienced instructor gives campers formal lessons to help develop skills, and also supervises game play.

Swish! Our outdoor basketball court, with one full sized court and two half courts, is where our basketball specialist teaches skills and organized games daily. The outdoor court is surrounded by beautiful shade trees to keep campers cool on a hot day.

We’re all gaga over this game!! Legend has it that it was actually born at Camp Riverbend!! The game is played inside a 6-sided court, with walls 2 feet high. If a ball hits you below your knees you are out! But not to worry — each round lasts just three minutes and then you are back in the game. We know you’ll go gaga over Gaga.

Our hockey rink is a perfect location for a game of roller hockey or street hockey. The rink has a smooth macadam surface and sturdy plastic walls that keep the ball on the court and the action going strong! Campers can also Rollerblade here.

Karate and Yoga:
Campers learn the ancient techniques of martial arts and yoga under the watchful eyes of an experienced instructors.  Both Yoga and Karate provide opportunities for developing fitness, coordination and strength.  

Campers love to perfect their strokes on our 9-hole miniature golf course. Each hole has a tricky detour on the way to the cup. FORE!

Everyone loves soccer  - it’s the world’s favorite game! And we have a walled soccer field where our specialist teaches various game skills like dribbling, passing, goalkeeping and scoring through drills and supervises real game play.

Our Stix program includes non-contact lacrosse, field hockey and pillo polo.

Tennis is tops for cardio and learning strategy on the court. All campers entering 1st grade and up have a weekly tennis lesson. Our four regulation sized courts provide room for individual and group matches. Mastering the skills required for tennis builds teamwork and individual thinking on your feet.

A regulation sized volleyball court, with soft sand underfoot, is the perfect spot for a great game of beach volleyball or newcombe.