Dear Mr. Breene:
I hope you and your campers are having a great summer. We are working on our summer newsletter and I wanted to check with you if it would be all right to mention Camp Riverbend and the scholarship you have provided for one of our young clients. Over the past 2 years the highlight of her summer has been going to Camp Riverbend; she has made many friends, learned to swim and loves all of the arts and crafts and other programs that your generosity has allowed her to participate in. Your support for this little girl has truly made a difference in her life and has helped her through this difficult time in her life.
Thank you for all that you do.
Karen D.


Camp Riverbend is a summer day camp located on 30+ beautiful acres in Warren Township, NJ in Somerset County, along the rolling Passaic River.  Shady woods, open fields, nature trails, a wetlands sanctuary, a variety of different athletic fields and indoor facilities as well as the riverbank, all provide a natural setting that our campers get to enjoy every day.  These wonderful natural environments and manmade facilities, give our campers a wide variety of places to explore and enjoy as the backdrop for their activities.  Take our Camp Tour to view the layout of our campsite.

Indoor Spaces: We have plenty of indoor spaces in case of rainy days. Our Big Barn and Auditorium can be used by large numbers of campers at a time. Our roller rink is also covered, to protect against both sun and rain.  Each group has a locker room, where campers change into and out of their swimsuits.  Each of our Clubhouse groups has its own building.  Many program areas are sheltered by tents, awnings or bubbles.