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If you are under 21 years old, you may be used as a bus assistant.  Please check one of the following: 
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What type of position would you like in camp?  
2015 season is Monday June 29 - Friday August 14
4 day mandatory training June 18-21.
Do you have any conflicts with the above dates?
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If you have children, are they of camp age? (If yes, please list below):
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   4-5    6-7    8-9    10-up    Teen Travel
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What contributions do you feel you can make at camp?

What contribution do you think a well run camp can make to children?
Write a very brief biographical sketch. Include specialized training in camping, or other training that might help you do a good job in a camp setting:
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I am giving authorization to Camp Riverbend to do a full background search on me, including the performance of sex offender registry and criminal history checks, and release Camp Riverbend and all others in connection with same.  I certify that all the statements and information on this application are accurate and complete.  I understand that any employment offer is based on the accuracy of this application.  If I am hired for a position, I understand that any false statements, omissions or inaccuracies on this application may be cause for dismissal. 
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