You guys are the best! Really, it is so great for all the families whose children have food issues that you go so above and beyond! Thank you so much for making our son feel a part of everything at camp.
- Marissa and Larry S., Warren NJ

Clubhouse Pre-School-K

Welcome to the Clubhouse!

The Clubhouse is a wonderful introduction to the summer camp experience for campers aged three, four and five years old. They are introduced to arts and crafts, sports, cooking, nature, swimming and other fun activities geared to their age and ability that encourage growth, confidence and learning.

Half-day program for three and four year olds

These youngest campers may come 3, 4 or 5 half days a week and experience all the fun of Camp Riverbend from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. This half-day program includes daily swimming, sports, crafts, cooking and nature. Campers must be toilet trained.   Click here to see a typical weekly schedule for half day Clubhouse Group.

Full-day program for four and five year olds

Children entering their last year of preschool (and ready for a full day at camp) or entering kindergarten attend our regular full-day, week-long program. Click here to see a typical weekly schedule for full day Clubhouse Group.

All our Clubhouse campers are in co-ed groups in a designated area of the camp built just for them. Everything is kid-sized, right down to the chairs and the athletic field, so they are right at home and comfortable. Specially trained counselors keep them happy, secure and active all day long.

Each day begins and ends with group assembly where our directors lead campers in traditional and new camp songs. Click here to listen and sing along.

Three counselors supervise 16-18 boys and girls in each Clubhouse group; smaller groups have two counselors. The head group counselors are teachers with experience in early childhood education. The assistant group counselors are college students who really enjoy being with young children.

We nurture our Clubhouse campers with lots of individual attention and age-appropriate fun and exploration. The Clubhouse daily schedule alternates between quiet and dynamic activities and includes a rest time after lunch.

Swimming is an important part of each day, with group instruction each morning and a “free” swim in the afternoon for splashing around and having fun.

Clubhouse campers often participate in various sports under the watchful guidance of our specialty instructors. These campers enjoy a variety of special activities like ceramics and canoeing and also participate in camp-wide Riverbend special events like carnivals and guest performances. Twice a summer, the Clubhouse groups enjoy lunch cooked at camp — either a classic Camp Riverbend BBQ or personal pizzas.

Parents are invited to visit camp almost any day to see their campers in action.